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Moldavite Ring U.S SIZE 7 1/2 Aus SIZE P


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A beautiful large piece of genuine Moldavite from South Czech Republic set in 925 Silver.

Moldavite originated almost 15 million years ago, when a great meteorite hit the earth surface. Due to the extremely high temperature and pressure of the explosion the meteorite and surrounding rocks melted and sprayed some of the glass-like substance (moldavite) into the region of South Czech Republic. This is a geniune piece of space junk, not a lab created Moldavite which can easily found, this is real treasure!

This ring is 100 % Solid Sterling Silver and was created by using the method of 'lost wax casting'. It is one of a kind and made entirely by hand, first moulded in wax then cast in sterling silver, oxidised, hardened and polished to a high shine. Made to last and be cherished for many lifetimes.

U.S SIZE 7 1/2 Aus SIZE P

Face of ring measures 21mm X 26mm

This piece is one of a kind and will be shipped by Tuesday 12th January 2021