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Yin Yang Signet Ring


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In Chinese Philosophy the Yin Yang symbol describes how everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. Female-Male, Lightness-Dark, Sickness-Health. Together the black and white areas represent the interaction of the energies found in all things. 

This rustic, weighted Unisex Yin Yang Signet Ring is Solid Sterling Silver and was created using the method of 'lost wax casting' then oxidized, hardened and polished to perfection.

It's made with love and built to last many lifetimes.

Ring face measures 18mm x 18mm

Please Note: As most of my pieces are made to order this can sometimes involve a wait time. My apologies, but this is a one-woman show here at Vice and some pieces can take a little longer to hand make from start to finish. Please allow up to 4 weeks (20 business days) for your order to be made a shipped to you. If you are wanting to get your piece by a specific date please email me prior to placing your order to see if a shorter time is possible to avoid any disappointment.

Alternatively please see my 'ready-to-ship' section where pieces can be dispatched within 2-3 business days.