Vice Jewellery



All metals will naturally develop a darker patina over time, as a reaction to the air, moisture, and the oils on your skin. This gives the jewellery a wonderful aged look, but if it isn't to your taste, it can also be cleaned off with a treated polishing cloth that you can buy from a standard jeweller.
It is highly suggested that you take your jewellery off when bathing, swimming, washing dishes, cleaning and sporting activities. Also avoid exposing your jewellery to beauty products and other stronger chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, acetone etc especially if the Jewellery has a gemstone set in it. Contact with certain chemicals and hard surfaces may result in your stone falling out, discolouring or cracking. Vice Jewellery does not give refunds for jewellery pieces that have been damaged due to lack of care but we are always happy to repair, polish or replace any broken stones at buyers cost.